Friday, January 20, 2006

Musings from a Parking Lot

[Oh, now there's a promising post title. Clearly, I'm wasting no time in jumping the shark with this blog.]

So I pull into the parking lot at work and park next to a dark blue Jaguar with a bumper sticker which reads "High-Maintenance Cowgirl." And this sparks some idle speculation:
  • Why on Earth would someone put a bumper sticker on a Jag in the first place? We know you've bought an overpriced, ostentatious luxury car - the least you could do is maintain some quiet dignity and decorum. Does the owner also dangle disco balls from her crystal chandeliers?
  • "High-Maintenance Cowgirl:" what the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it a feeble attempt to maintain her down-to-earth bona fides? "Sure, I own a Jag - but at heart I'm just a simple cowgirl." Is it a public service announcement, a warning to those who might approach her?
These are the things which occur to me at 9 AM when I park next to a Jag with a tacky bumper sticker and I haven't had enough sleep for a few days.

But I have to admit, as bizarro as that seems, it's still less obnoxious than the Mercedes sports coupe I once saw with a vanity plate which read "V12BENZ." Should've rear-ended that one for its sheer crass: bet his bumper costs more than my whole freakin' car.

Rich people: they do some crazy shit with their money, don't they?


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