Monday, April 11, 2005

Hi. C'mon in.

Sorry about the mess. And the barebones furnishings. I'll try to decorate the place, liven it up a bit, I swear. For now, just pull up a milk crate and have a seat.

If you've come here from my 1UP blog - hey, thanks for stopping by. Hope this means you actually like the crap I write over there and want to read more of it. If you've no idea what I'm talking about: I've got another blog over on, where I talk about videogames and...well, not much else. This blog is intended for everything else I want to write.

So let's get the NAQs - the Never Asked Questions which haven't come up because no one cares enough to ask, but which I feel like answering anyway (because, hey, it's my blog and I'll be as wryly self-referential as I want to be) - out of the way, shall we?

Why a second blog? Well, I decided I wanted to keep my 1UP blog focused solely on gaming, so those who like what I have to say about games - but don't care about the rest of my writing - can find it in one place. Likewise, I wanted a place where those who like my writing but don't give a rat's ass about my thoughts on games could come. And on the off-chance someone likes everything I write - well, now they have to keep track of two blogs, instead of only one.

`Cause I'm a bastard that way.

And obviously, those who just plain don't like what I write can ignore both blogs, secure in the knowledge they won't bump into my work somewhere else (for now) and have one of those terribly awkward moments where you run into someone on the street you know, but don't actually like, so you're trying not to be rude as you make idle chitchat, even though you really just want to keep going to the grocery store or wherever.

Why blog at all? Self-expression, baby. Because I like to write. But I'm a pretty lazy writer. Having a blog or two, I hope, gives me some incentive to write periodically and - because I'm posting publicly - forces me to make it something which doesn't completely suck.

Who am I? Just another nerd with a blog. You'll learn the rest as we go along.

Why should you bother reading what I write? Ideally, because you find what I write entertaining, enlightening, and/or diverting.

Or, alternatively, because you're just really, really bored.

So anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope you like what you see, once there's more of it to see.


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